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The Need for Electrical Engineers in the Great Lake State

Electrical engineers are in great demand all over the world and especially in the state of Michigan. Electrical power is vital, and electricity is an essential part of almost every product that is used in your life. From your light bulbs, television or air conditioning unit in your home, to your personal computer and the radio in your car, all of these items you use daily run-on electrical power. In manufacturing, everything from controls, power, electronics, communications, computers, and automotive all use electricity. For these reasons, the demand for electrical engineers has been very high in Michigan. Let’s now go over the electrical engineer salary in Michigan.

Did you know?

Michigan ranks as number 1 in number of engineers

Think about what electrical engineering specialized categories pique your interest.

Before you start your bachelor’s degree education, it is important to know what types of specialized electrical engineering categories interest you, as this will help guide you when selecting what job you want to pursue post education.

  • Power Systems
  • Electronics
  • Controls
  • Microelectronics
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Instrumentation
  • Signal Processing

Learn about electrical engineering education requirements:

Almost all electrical engineering jobs in Michigan will require some form of degree in an electrical field of your choice. Michigan is one of the best places in the country to get a degree in electrical engineering because of all of the great job opportunities the state has to offer.

Looking for a degree in electrical engineering? You should think about these great colleges in the state of Michigan.

electrical engineering programs at universities in Michigan

Do you have what it takes to stand above the rest?

To stand out from other candidates, you must have the right education and preferably a bachelor’s degree from a university located in Michigan.  Training and possible certification may be required depending upon the job you are applying for. To be competitive in the job market, you may also have to be accredited by the right organization. The type of degree you get in electrical engineering is also crucial in determining the electrical engineering salary. While it’s always good to have a general engineering degree, having a master’s degree is a definite plus. It’s rare to find any electrical engineer jobs in Michigan without a bachelor’s degree and most jobs want at least a couple of years of experience on top of the education requirements. Take your time and consider your options before deciding on the right path for you.

Did you know Michigan ranks in the top five of the most popular states for students studying electrical engineering?

electrical engineer starting salary in Michigan

If you want a larger salary, you might need to further your education with a master’s or doctorate degree.

Michigan isn’t just dependent on the job, but also varies by what sector or industry you choose to work in. When it comes to specializing in a certain type of electrical engineering, you have to have the relevant training or education. Being a technician or an engineer is great, but being an expert with a master’s or doctorate degree in a specialized field is where the real money is. If you choose to further your education beyond a bachelor’s degree, make sure to pursue it in an engineering sector that you know you will enjoy working in.

Very rarely does youth beat age in this industry; so if you want the higher wages, you’ll need to gain some experience.

Another factor that adds up to increase an electrical engineer salary in Michigan is the number of years of experience in their chosen career. Experience is one thing; but being in a specific field for a long period of time is even better. Having been in the business for decades will have positive effects on your resume. Plus, the more years of experience you have under your belt, the more likely you will have job offers from various companies that are willing to offer higher wages than possibly your current employer.

What should your electrical engineer salary in Michigan be?

After you achieve a degree in electrical engineering, you will be able to show your employer you can be an effective electrical engineer, and can expect to be paid an average salary around $69,000 in the state of Michigan. Contractors and hourly employees often earn more because of overtime and the type of projects they work on that require more than 40 hours a week.

electrical engineer salary in Michigan

Your salary can depend upon where you live.

Several factors can affect your electrical engineer salary. The location of your workplace is important, whether or not it’s part of a metropolitan area or, if it’s more localized. For example, Detroit and Grand Rapids have good salaries because there are numerous residents who live close enough to work. As with most other cities, however, it’s also easier to find higher-paying positions if you’re willing to relocate to other parts of Michigan.

employed electrical engineers in Michigan

To find the best electrical engineer salary in Michigan, here is a list of things that will help you get to the top of the pay scale in your field.

  1. Get a degree from a university in the state of Michigan, as this will almost guarantee you a larger salary directly out of college.
  2. Pursue further education, either with a master’s or doctorate in electrical engineering or complete a certified course or licensed exam in electrical engineering.
  3. Build a strong base of electrical knowledge and experience in a short amount of time through contract engineering as an electrical engineer.
  4. Try to find positions that will lead to a management role within a company.
  5. A great work ethic with a positive attitude will show your boss that you are a valued asset that the company must retain; so when it comes time for getting a raise, your results will speak volumes.
  6. Finally, you will just need to gain real-world experience and years in your field in order to help you reach the very top salaries in the industry.

Here is a list of companies in Michigan that are looking to hire electrical engineers:

electrical engineering companies in Michigan

If you want a productive career with a big salary, then becoming an electrical engineer in Michigan is a great way to meet those goals.

As you consider your job options, then you need to determine where you see yourself working. Is it in an office or do you prefer a more hands-on approach?  If you enjoy more of a hands-on approach and you are looking for a more a more challenging profession you can always consider working as a contractor for places like JOINER Services.  Contractors generally work for multiple companies in a short amount of time and can quickly build an impressive resume.

If you are you looking for a more challenging profession, you should definitely think about becoming a contract electrical engineer. These are the jobs that pay well in Michigan, and many engineers choose this field because they provide plenty of adventure within the state, give opportunities to travel around the United States, and even the possibility to work around the world.

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